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Looking back over the past year it has certainly been one loaded with challenges and self-imposed torture. During this time we have managed to source locally grown and milled 100% cotton fabrics, launch our Roots Collection of exclusive fabrics, set up a few online stores on various platforms (don’t ask) and learnt truck loads about photography/social media.

Going the DIY route for our little business with day jobs is definitely not for the faint of heart. ¬†We do most off our Sprout work during the early morning hours or squeeze short session during Sprout’s nap time (if we are not napping ourselves). It can be frustrating getting work done in small bites and not large chunks (much like having a tiny bite of that delicious market brownie and only being able to eat the rest later). The trick is to accept that it isn’t going anywhere and will (maybe the brownie was a bad analogy) around for you later. So the next stage in our self afflicted torture? If you are reading this I am sure that you have figured it out. Start a blog of course!

This blog is to be less about marketing and more about providing well-researched and useful information and resources for new parents in SA and the world over. Our aim is to keep it light-hearted and personal.¬†Follow us for regular(ish) updates and posts. We aim to share our parenting do’s and don’ts. What worked for us. What didn’t. Great products we stumbled upon and laughable parenting moments that may leave you thinking the WTF? Until it happens to you.

Thank you for joining us on our journey. We are aiming high, and we can only do it with your support. Always remember: “Even the tallest tree starts off as the littlest Sprout“.

PS: I should mention that we don’t do endorsements or act as brand ambassadors/offer favourable reviews of a product/service in exchange for free gear and/or cash etc. Our opinions are our own, based on our own experiences with a product/service and/or venue. Much like our business principles, we value honesty and integrity.

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