About Us

Proudly located in the heart of leafy Glenwood, Durban, Sprout is a kiddies fashion label offering an adorable, yet functional, range of kids apparel and sleepy sacks. Founded by Sarah Dalton in 2013, our little label exploded with the arrival of our little girl, Mae, in February 2016.

Our products are all made locally. Our cotton fabrics, produced in local mills, use cotton grown from South African soil. We know it’s not the cheapest way to make clothing, but we believe in producing quality goods and spending hard earned cash locally to keep people in jobs, food on tables, and transforming harebrained dreams into realities.

We value originality and s We don’t do mass produced. All our items are produced in small quantities to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of the brand.

Above all, Sprout is run by a pair of parents, and we’re doing our best to make a difference in our little girls’ life everyday.

Luke and Sarah

P.S. Join us, and make a commitment to support local this year. Say no to big corporations, and choose to make in a difference by supporting real people. Stop. Talk to them. They’re right in front of you and they care. The local farmer at the produce market, the local restauranteur, the artists, designers and crafters doing what they love. Every sale, no matter how small, makes a difference to them. With us?


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