Vintage Dresses with Bloomers

If you haven’t noticed yet, we draw inspiration from classic vintage  styles. This time a timeless collared dress paired with classic vintage inspired floral print in the subtlest of pastel shades. Cute enough for that special occasion, but hardy enough and most importantly comfy enough for daily wear.

The dress is paired with the comfiest little matching bloomers!

Sprout Sleepy Sack

Did you know that sleepy sacks are recommended by the American Academy of Paediatrics as a safer alternative to traditional bedding? Seriously, just try one. Together with establishing a firm bedtime routine, our sleepy sacks are guaranteed to provide your little family with a better nights sleep.

Vintage Rompers

Our vintage rompers are available in our Roots Collection fabrics as well as more traditional vintage floral prints. The Roots Collection is our exclusive fabric range designed in collaboration with Nicole and the Striped Flamingo. Our designs are driven by our passion for all things South African and especially our unique flora. This translates into a special range range fabrics available no where else!

Scallywag Rompers

How cute are these boy rompers? Our rompers are designed to allow for freedom of movement. After all, rompers are for romping!

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